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    Disruption By Design

  • Will You Innovate or Be Disrupted?

    In a world of rapid innovation and change, it’s challenging to keep up, let alone know how to pivot, shift or transform your business without wasting time or money. You might hear about disruption, technology and megatrends that affect the world and your industry, but have no idea how to implement change or take competitive advantage of what's new.


    The Business Accelerators program gives you the fast track to innovation and change, bringing together a group of like-minded business leaders who want to stay ahead of the game and ensure growth and longevity for their business. Our goal is to help you accelerate your personal and business success through a proactive approach to disruption, innovation and strategic change.


    Shane Kempton and Gihan Perera are business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who have created this business acceleration program to provide a much-needed solution to the challenge of staying ahead of the game in a fast-moving world.

  • Who Is This For?


    The Business Accelerators program is ideal if you are:

    • a business owner who works in a fast-paced industry
    • a leader who wants to get and keep the best talent
    • a start-up company looking for that competitive edge
    • a person of influence who's responsible for growth in your organisation
    • an entrepreneur who wants to network and learn from like-minded and like-hearted people from inside and outside their industry

    Above all, this is for you if you know the world is changing, this change will affect your industry and business, and you want to embrace and lead that change.


    This program is not for everybody! If you're happy to stay in the middle of the pack, doing things the way you have always done them and hoping to survive until retirement, this isn't right for you.

  • What Do You Get?

    As a member of Business Accelerators, you get:

    • Access to leading-edge thinking about technology, trends, and talent
    • Practical ideas to use in your business immediately
    • Monthly action plans and resources to help you implement the plans
    • Collaboration with like-minded and like-hearted people
    • Engagement with Gihan, Shane and other thought leaders and experts
    • Exposure to ideas and insights from outside your industry

    The program was inspired by a program that both Gihan and Shane were engaged in (and became mentors of) which helped them accelerate their turnover and profits (by 5X to 10X), and took Shane’s business to number one in the country. In particular, the disruptive ideas they learned from outside their industries gave them the competitive edge.


    Even if you engage a mentor, a coach, external training, or outside consultants, you will gain value from the insights, ideas, and community you get from Business Accelerators membership.

  • Is Your Business Future Proof?

    Try this quick survey - it will only take 5-7 minutes, and you'll get the results instantly.

  • What Will You Learn?

    We believe being fit for the future relies on a foundation with three parts: talent, resources, and perspective. Our monthly themes will draw from these three areas.


    Getting the most from yourself and your team

    • Thinking and Mindset
    • Personal Leadership
    • Personal Brand
    • Purpose
    • Peak Performance
    • Social Intelligence
    • Diversity
    • Community & Collaboration
    • Culture


    Creating the tools and resources for success

    • Innovation
    • Customer Experience
    • Customer-Centric Business
    • The Numbers Game
    • Design Mindset
    • New Media
    • Productivity
    • Remote Work
    • Learning & Development


    Understanding the trends and technology shaping our future

    • Big Data
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain
    • Automation
    • Outsourcing
    • This Asian Century
    • The End of Distance
    • Self-Driving Cars
  • About Shane Kempton and Gihan Perera

    Both Shane and Gihan are successful business owners and thought leaders in their respective vocations. They are both passionate about growing people and business, and know that collaborating and learning with others in a group environment is a proven way to fast-track results.

    Shane Kempton

    Shane has a diverse background, including the military, business ownership and corporate leadership. He honed his leadership and entrepreneurship skills as the CEO of several national and international real estate brands.


    His passion is growing people and businesses, and has a successful reputation for building and leading teams and driving culture. He runs a highly sought-after mentoring and coaching practice across Australia - and lives by the motto of having a life by design and not just accepting the default option.

    Gihan Perera

    Gihan is a business futurist, conference speaker, author and consultant who gives business leaders a glimpse into what's ahead - and how they can become fit for the future.
    Since 1997, he has worked with business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and other change agents - helping them with their strategy for thriving in a fast-changing world.
    Forbes magazine rated him the #5 social media influencer in the world (and #1 in Australia) in his area of expertise.

  • How Does The Program Work?

    The Business Accelerators program combines training, mentoring, accountability coaching and a community of like-minded people.


    We meet as a group for half a day each month, with a different focus theme each session.


    We engage and collaborate on this theme using a blended learning experience - including:

    • A practical, interactive workshop to help embed the theme and identify implementation strategies in your business
    • A facilitated action planning mentoring session, to identify and clear obstacles
    • "Hot Seat" opportunities for members to have a challenge solved live in the room
    • A "Bright Sparks" session, where a member shares their expertise, success story or case study
    • Accountability, with implementation actions steps
    • Monthly special reports and other resources to help you implement the ideas in your workplace during the month
    • An online membership community to collaborate and share ideas

    Being business owners themselves, Shane and Gihan understand the importance of time and value. So we have structured Business Accelerators to maximise your value from the combination of training, mentoring, and coaching.


    Engaging an expert one-on-one often isn't financially viable for small to medium size businesses, so we offer this solution.

  • Why Should You Join?

    We know you have many calls on your time and energy ... So why should you join the Business Accelerators program?

    Proactive Future Thinking

    If you're so caught up in day-to-day work that you never find time to look up at what's around the corner. you'll be vulnerable to disruptive threats and you'll miss potential opportunities. This program deliberately gets you out of your normal environment so you can spend half a day each month thinking, planning and getting fit for the future.

    External Ideas and Insights

    Sometimes the best ideas for your business come from outside your industry (Don't take our word for it - this has been confirmed by research from Marion Poetz, Nikolaus Franke, and Martin Schreier, published in the Harvard Business Review). By being part of a like-minded community of business innovators, you'll increase the chances of staying ahead of the competition.

    Environment for Breakthrough Thinking

    Too many people say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - but, in a disruptive world, that's a formula for failure. Instead we want you to say, "If it ain't broke, break it!". You can ask questions, share ideas, test your thinking and develop practical breakthrough strategies for your business in a stimulating but safe environment.

    Incredible Value for Money

    Your investment in this program is a very affordable $300 per month for up to 2 people from your business. This is great value, especially when you consider working one-on-one with a coach or mentor would cost you around $5000 per month.

    If Not Now ... When?

    Are you waiting for things to slow down? Thinking you just don't have the time for it now? Hoping disruption won't happen until you get some free time? Of course the world doesn't work that way! There are plenty of businesses and industries that didn't take action (Yes, we're looking at you: Kodak, taxi industry, Blockbuster, ...!)

  • Get Started Now!

    Membership gives you two "tickets" each month for anybody in your business - yourself, a business partner, colleague, adviser, client, "rising star" team member, or anybody else.


    We meet in Perth on the second Friday of every month, from 10am-1pm.


    2018: 13th July, 10th August, 14th September, 12th October, 9th November, 14th December

    2019: 11th January, 8th February, 8th March

      Venue: Subiaco, WA

      Membership: $330 per month, including GST - JOIN NOW

    • Gihan Perera and Shane Kempton


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